Historical Overview

François 1er Cazes (1571-1626), Esquire, bourgeois Libourne, eldest son of Raymond II Cazes, Sieur FIGEAC, owned land in the parish of Saint Christophe des Bardes, and it had more "noble house of Cauze" and its dependencies.

The property has undergone a partition in 1821 upon the death of Thomas DECAZES (1749-1821) between two of his children:
- of localities "The Cauze", "The Bullhead" and "Mazeran" fell to Pierre Elisée, DECAZES Baron (1793-1870) to form the current property called "Château du Cauze"
- the place called "Aux Sables" Catherine Adèle (1786-1860) married to Meliton BRUN (1775-18 ..), the property has since been called "Château Brun".

Méliton BRUN has given its name to a small part of the old family property DECAZES. Of a capacity of 12 ha with 4 / 5 with vines, this property has been noextension or reduction since the partition of 1821 and has been no contract of sale.

Successive owners, direct descendants are:
- Louis BRUN (1819-1890), it was under his management that the castle hasbeen adding an extra floor to accommodate his 6 children and he has dug a pondand jeweled property.
- Louis BRUN (1862-1923)
- Marc-Louis BRUN (1907-1996)
- The heirs of Marc-Louis BRUN in a pool Agricultural Land:
+ Louis BRUN (1939-2008)
+ Bernard BRUN (1941)
+ Bruno BRUN (1943)
+ Sabine BRUN (1945-2010) married Dominique PINTART
+ Maïté BRUN (1947) married Georges DURIOT
+ Hervé BRUN (1948)

N.B. Note that Louisa BRUN (born circa 1860), sister of Louis BRUN and granddaughter of Catherine Adèle DECAZES, married Andrew WIBAUX (born circa 1850), grand-son of Hector WIBAUX who had bought the Château du Cauze Elisée DECAZES Baron, brother of Catherine Adèle DECAZES and thus great-uncle of his wife Louisa BRUN. "Le Cauze" thus remained a few more years in the family DECAZES. (From the history of Libourne R. GUIODIE and family memories)