The pruning is the first year's work. It is carried out from January to March, possiblyin the waning moon - the sayings do not they say "Size sooner, size later, nothing beats the size of March" or "Size and spade in March, where wine, do you have your share. "


From late March, the warm weather makes the ascent of sap. It feeds the buds lefton the branches. It was hard to size, the bud becomes tender, fragile and fluffy.

The disbudding

Directly related to size, disbudding can be done only when the risk of frost, inprinciple, excluded. The disbudding be done in two phases: one directly after bud break, the second after the Ice Saints (St Mamert, May 11, St Pancras, May 12 andSt Servatius, May 13). The disbudding is a small size with much less waste.


Treatments for the Protection of vineyards against the attacks of downy andpowdery mildew are performed several times in the season, as needed. However,they can be made only after the appearance of the 5-leaf and should be suspended50 days before harvest.
Products used: Thiovit (wettable sulfur, against powdery mildew), bouillie bordelaise (against mildew and black rot) and nettle manure (against fungal diseases and forbetter fertility).


From mid-May, the thrust of the branches is very strong and will remain for a month.
These branches are so young, so fragile that they must contain. The work willtherefore consist, as and when they grow, to lead them through the trellis. Thus, well supported, they may continue their evolution, even in case of storms or strongwinds.

The suckering

The suckering is to remove suckers (like tomatoes) on the trunk and arms of the vine. These lovers are competing in the fertile branch, we must eliminate them.
The suckering should be done before flowering.


This suggests that flowering approach, very delicate moment when the flower willbe pollinated.


Some branches are becoming so large that vines should be cut for two reasons:
- Too big and strong wind, the branches may break anywhere because they arefairly supported by the son of iron.
- Secondly, to develop a good photosynthesis for the cluster, five sheets (solar panels) are necessary and sufficient to achieve this goal. It is therefore unnecessaryto leave beyond as these sheets also consume energy.

The stripping

This operation involves removing the leaves around the clusters. They will eventually ripen and, aided by the sun, or dried by the wind when wet.